2020 mid-year reflection: pick your metaphor

We’re officially half way through this year like no other. Somewhere around day seventy, I gave up keeping an official count, but I believe today finds us at or around 115 days since life as we knew it abruptly changed. If you’re anything like me, you are still finding yourself experiencing a wide range ofContinue reading “2020 mid-year reflection: pick your metaphor”

How about we stop calling this the new normal?

When I last put a blog post out into the world, twenty-two days ago now, I reflected on the aspects of life during shelter in place that I would miss should it end tomorrow. Interestingly enough, I now find myself missing some of those very things I mentioned, even though I still am living underContinue reading “How about we stop calling this the new normal?”

Emotional whiplash and the productive struggle of shelter in place

Well hello again after another week that has felt more like a month. How is everyone? I already have a fairly good sense of the answer to that question. In an effort to bring some levity to the heaviness of the past week, I stole a friend’s idea and posted one of those silly “whatContinue reading “Emotional whiplash and the productive struggle of shelter in place”